Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

It's the time of the year again.

Merry X'mas, my virtual mates.

Last Christmas Eve, I was still bartering away.

Probably getting ready for another booking this year.

 Mascara, blush, lipstick and that much loved corset... Checking the time, and the number of booking.

Being pleased with the 'Moo-lahs', I was about to make this 'festive season'.

Client 1, lunch booking... He was from out-of-state... Telling me that he just had to get away from the incessant annoying much un-wanted season festivity...

Every year, for the past 15years ... He has been booking 3different girls for each getaway.

The night buzzed on as I was driven from hotels to mansions to hotels again.

This year, I am sitting down  in front of my laptop (Drugs & Alcohol Free). Awaiting the dinner, as the smell of smoked turkey and the sound of Christmas jingles penetrates my room.

I can't remember, how did it last felt to be a family.

It's strange.

I wonder how the night will go, and how I would feel tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Merry X'mas !
Just enjoy this season.

boy A

Lucifer said...

Hi Kate,

I was introduced to your blog by a colleague of mine just a month ago, and I managed to read all your posts, from the last 6 years. No doubt you've been through hell and heaven, at times.

I'm turning into a 23 year old Malaysian this October, leaving for the UK for my final year in law. I guess we are not that far apart in age.

The drastic change of who you are now, compared to 6 years ago, is brilliant. And your blog really got me thinking about what depths the human mind can go when the body is at a very neglected state and at the pinnacle of submission.

This may seem like a very short message, but it took me about 1/2 an hour to write it up, because I've always wanted to write to you, but I just didn't know what about.

From the last few posts that I've read, I'm assuming you are now writing in your personal diary, and I respect you for putting your privacy as preference instead of creating a fan-based blog followed by lifeless people waiting to feast on your story, only to gossip about it later.

It has been a great experience reading your blog. It's as if I know you, but I don't know you. Every second spent reading, was worth the time. I wish you all the best for your future undertakings. Looking at the way you're thinking now, I think you will make the best decision on where you think your life ought to head to.

Just KIV this one thing: always be happy in whatever you do.


Jane Arveena